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The thing is, too many girls wait for a guy to make the move. Hope he calls. Hope he texts. Hope he puts his arm around her.. and it never happens. That’s a shame. Girls should wait on the guy that makes her the star. That puts her name in lights. Girls should wait on the guy that doesn’t make them wait.
Anonymous (via psych-facts)

oh so true. Let’s give it a shot, let’s go, insyaallah.

Be patient first, listen.

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all this while…

I have forgotten how it feels
to feel,
what others feel, around me.
I closed the door, I tried to heal.
I did, at the expense of forget.
becAuse the ability,
was, is just too strong,
for me to control.

till tonight, after ransacking
my heart, and my mind.
the ability, it returns.

but.now, I am stronger, insyaallah.
to overcome what I can.
to tame, what is once once hidden,
deep from me.

semoga Allah memberi petunjuk, jauhkanku dari larangan-laranganNya, insyaallah.

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A wound never totally heal. It just get forgotten in the dust of time.

Only to reveal itself when the wind blows.